Slipper care

Slipper Care

Wullyz slippers are made with 100% pure wool and natural leather which are very easy to care for. These can be washed in the washer on a gentle cycle with cold to luke warm water and other similar items such as towels or sweaters.

*Lay flat to air dry naturally* and once the dry phase is completed the slipper may tighten a little but will relax again once worn. With wear the slippers will also go through a natural pilling stage that will disappear within a short period of time on their own.

The sheepskin in-soles will first compact creating an insulation and soft liner for comfort. The inner fur lining can eventually wear off depending on the frequency of wear and how the slipper fits. It's best to have a good fit since increased movement inside slipper will speed up this process. Please refer to the sizing chart for a more accurate measurement.

Benefits of wool 

Anti bacterial, Resists odor, Repels moisture, Retains shape, Resists soiling, Contours the foot, and Comfortable in all seasons.