About Us

About the Maker

Rebecca grew up inspired by the land and the sea and all they provide in Newfoundland, Canada. She has always had a passion and natural ability to create and design textile art. 

She started her journey as a maker when she crafted her first pair of slippers for her 7 month old son in 2012. After dressing her son in his new prototype slippers, she noticed not only were his feet warm, he was also a much more content baby - a true gift to a mother. And from that day Wullyz was born. Since it’s launch, Rebecca has had a lot of success selling her baby slippers at a local farmer’s market in Halifax, N,S, as well as on-line and around the world.

Rebecca’s keen attention to detail and continual drive for excellence in design propels her to develop new products, and perfect existing ones in the Wullyz line. She describes her design studio as a ‘place for peace and play’ and finds creating her products there incredibly therapeutic to both mind and body. 

Sometimes her main inspiration comes as an imaginative picture when she studies raw materials, such as a textured piece of leather, fabrics or wool fibre’s. Wullyz are all hand-crocheted, hand cut, and hand sewn in small lots, ensuring each pair is one of a kind. Wullyz sheepskin slippers are independently owned and operated in Halifax N,S, Canada.